Birgitta Böckeler

Birgitta Böckeler

I work in software development.

On this site, you will find a list of the content I created about software topics over the years.


AI-assisted software delivery

The Engineering Room, with Dave Farley
May 2024
In this episode of The Engineering Room, Dave & Birgitta talk about her most recent work involving AI-assisted software delivery
Refactoring with AI
April 2024
Thoughtworks Technology Podcast episode with guests Adam Tornhill and Martin Fowler, discussing using AI for refactoring
Navigating the landscape of AI tools for software delivery
April 2024
Article describing archetypes of tools for AI assistance for software in the market at the time
Engineering Kiosk (Deutsch)
March 2024
AI in der Software-Delivery: Unsere größte Möglichkeit oder purer Hype? - Ein Realitätscheck
LeadDev Berlin: Reality Check
December 2023
How can AI help boost productivity, creativity, and effectiveness in other parts of the delivery lifecycle as well?
Three things GenAI will not change about software delivery
November 2023
Software creation remains a design process; we still have to figure out how to collaborate; New tools don't change the challenges of measuring outcomes
AI-assisted coding discussion
November 2023
Thoughtworks Technology Podcast episode, discussing AI-assisted coding with Mike Mason, Prem Chandrasekaran and Neal Ford
Software Engineering Daily Podcast
Aug 2023
I talked to Jordi Mon Companys about the state of AI assistance for software delivery in August 2023.
Memo series: Exploring GenAI
July 2023, ongoing
Series of memos on, exploring emerging thoughts about using Generative AI for coding assistance, and to help with various other software delivery assistance

Cognitive Biases in Software Architecting

Yow! Australia
Dec 2022
How Cognitive Biases Affect our Software Architecture
Agile meets Architecture, Berlin
Sep 2022
Cognitive Biases and Agile Architecture
Thoughtworks Technology Podcast
May 2022
I talked to Rebecca Parsons and Alexey Boas about 'Mitigating cognitive biases when coding'
XConf Brasil
Nov 2020
Redefining Confidence: Cognitive Biases in a Developer's Life
O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference, Berlin
Nov 2019
Keynote, 'Redefining confidence: Cognitive Biases in the Architect's Life'

Architecture Governance

Thoughtworks Technology Podcast
July 2022
Guest to discuss 'Starting out with sensible default practices', with Kief Morris
CASE podcast
August 2020
Guest on the CASE podcast to discuss "Cultivating architecture principles"
The Lead Developer conference, Berlin
Dec 2019
Cultivating Architecture
CraftConf, "Cultivating Architecture"
May 2019 at CraftConf
How to walk the line between hard rules and helpful guidance, with Martin Fowler

Pair Programming

On Pair Programming
January 2020
A long-form article describing the benefits, challenges, and dos and donts for pair programming. Co-authored with Nina Siessegger
Codemotion Berlin
Nov 2019
To pair or not to pair?
XConf New York
July 2018
To pair or not to pair?

Software Documentation

Four goals of agile documentation
July 2018
We're agile, we don't do documentation
LeadDev London 2017, thoughts on how to use software documentation to improve communication in an agile development team

History of the programmer stereotype

Born for IT? - Talk at GOTO Berlin
I summarized all the things I read about programmer stereotypes over the years, and added some of my own thoughts and conclusions.
Born for IT? How the image of software developers came about
I summarized all the things I read about programmer stereotypes over the years, and added some of my own thoughts and conclusions.
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